THE WW CLUB is a worldwide network that we want to grow and grow! 

If you're interested in hosting your own informal meetup or co-work session, we'd absolutely love you to (READ MORE ON HOW TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN HERE). To maintain the integrity of the Club and ensure that any affiliated events are aligned with our ethos, please go over the terms below before you apply.




  • Spirit/purpose: Your event must maintain the spirit of The WW Club itself: inclusive, career-focused, and open to women from all professions and backgrounds.

  • Length: Your event may not exceed half a  day in length.

  • Approval: The WW Club allocates one approval series per event and applicant.

  • Funds: THEWWCLUB/    is a volunteer endeavor. You may not use your event to make money. You may not use your event to raise funds for charities or other organizations.

  • Admission: You must not charge an attendance fee for a THEWWCLUB/    event.

  • Attendance: Up to 25 individuals may attend your event.

  • Naming: THEWWCLUB/    events are named after locations, such as cities, neighborhoods, streets etc, and aim to serve that named community.

  • Co-events: THEWWCLUB/    events are stand-alone events -- they may not be combined with or integrated into any pre-existing conference or event.

  • Co-branding: We do not allow co-branding - either connecting the THEWWCLUB/  logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other, or presenting your THEWWCLUB/    event as being organized by such entities

Branding and Positioning

  • THEWWCLUB/    logo: Your THEWWCLUB/    logo should adhere to the THEWWCLUB/    logo style guidelines and should be used to represent your event at all times.

  • THEWWCLUB/    naming reference: You should refer to your event as THEWWCLUB/   (EventName), and not just THEWWCLUB/   . Your event name should be written as THEWWCLUB/   (EventName), with The WW Club capitalized, “/” and attached as one word to your location-based name.

  • The WW Club logo: Never use the The WW Club logo in any communications or branding.

  • The WW Club and THEWWCLUB/   : Never say “The WW Club is coming to (my city)...” Make clear in all communications that you are a THEWWCLUB/    event, an independently organized The WW Club-like event, and are not The WW Club. Make clear that you are a THEWWCLUB/   (EventName) organizer, and not an employee of The WW Club.

  • Name abbreviation / variation: Name abbreviations and variations are not allowed. You must always refer to your event with the name you were approved for. E.g., if you are licensed for "THEWWCLUB/   Phoenix," you may not refer to your event as "THEWWCLUB/   PHX" or any other variation. You must refer to it as "THEWWCLUB/   Phoenix" in all copy, messaging, logos, etc.


  • Modelled after the The WW Club Work Party format, THEWWCLUB/ events are informal co-work and/or networking events for small groups. You are welcome to use The WW Work Party Work Sheets to structure your session, or simply lead an informal hangout. If you wish to modify this structure, please contact us in advance.

Sponsors + funding

  • Funding: THEWWCLUB/    is a volunteer endeavor. You may not use your event to request sponsorship; make money, or to raise funds for charities or other organizations.


The '/' in 'THEWWCLUB/   ' stands for "independently organized events." Any headline or text which implies The WW Club is coming to [location] is misleading.