The WW Club opened on the morning of January 28th 2015 with a private Power Breakfast for creative women from LA, London, and beyond. Guests included singer Kilo Kish, British artist Kesh, jeweler Kristen Gipson-Crowley, poetMirtha Michelle, illustrator Langley Fox, actress Alexa Demie, London-based creative director Margot Bowman, and stylist Aleali May.

The Club itself doubled as a showroom for work by LA’s most talented creative women; featuring design by art director Adi Goodrich, sculpture by Karolina Maszkiewicz, foliage by floral artist Gemma Hayden Blest, books and ‘zines by Nouvella Books (published in Silverlake by Deena Drewis) and Dominica Publishing (produced in LA’s Arts District byMartine Syms), as well as breakfast provided by Jessica Koslow of award-winning L.A. bakery, Sqirl.

Over the next four days, young women flocked to The WW Club to make use of the specially-created workspace and complimentary coffee and wifi courtesy of Keurig. Offering a cosy, welcoming hub in the midst of bustling Downtown L.A., the Club was illuminated with custom-built lamps by L.A. craftsman Eric Johnson and overhead lighting by lighting specialist, Brendan Ravenhill. (Cont’d)

Visitors to The WW Club enjoyed a number of events, from a ‘Live Lines’ Portrait Session by Kesh on the afternoon of January 30th, to a Saturday morning talk hosted by DIScrit 89 plus recipient Tierney Finster, who disclosed art world survival tips alongside artist Rachel Lord and designer Peggy Noland.

On the final day of The WW Club pop up, founder Phoebe Lovatt moderated a conversation with a panel that included the Club’s designer Adi Goodrich, nail artist Madeline Poole (MP Nails), womenswear designer Catherine Quin, and screenwriter Camilla Blackett. In front of a packed audience, the panelists shared their own strategies and tips for building a successful creative career in L.A., as part of a conversation themed around Phoebe’s book, The Handbook For Women Who Do Creative Work.

January 28-31 2015

Los Angeles