Julia Rommel on a Monday.

Julia Rommel on a Monday.


1. Feeling a bit frazzled as the quarter comes to a close? Get organized and cross off your last few goals with the help of our full CLASS OF 2018 Q3 curriculum. You can catch up on all the CLASS OF 2018 content you might've missed over the last three months, including a full syllabus of reading/viewing/listening material and 3x original worksheets to help you evolve + expand your creative career. It's (almost) a wrap!

2. Or if you're geared up + ready to go for Q4 - enrollment begins today! Sign up for the CLASS OF 2018 and we'll have you covered with a quarter's worth of content guaranteed to help you end the year on a high note. Q4 theme = WORKING WELL - in mind, body, and bank.

3. FAO Londoners: Phoebe will be leading a workshop designed to help you plan and execute a strong Q4 this Friday at COURIER Live(the excellent London-based business magazine for which she's also a columnist), and moderating a conversation on the new resale economy with Depop's CEO Maria Raga, among other retail movers and shakers. Find out more about the all-day festival here and getyour tix here with a 20% discount using the code WWCLUB20

4. Now that you can order everything from alcohol to beauty treatments straight to your doorstep, it's no wonder the Homebody Economy is booming. Just in time for hibernation season.

5. An interview with Dorothy Parker in the summer of 1956? Every part is nostalgia overload for the old New York (and especially the fashion magazine industry of the past) that you can only imagine from soundbites like this one.



Over a fifteen year period, filmmaker Leilah Weinraub documented the independent cash economy and intimate relationships inside of a black lesbian strip club in LA called Shakedown. Watch a showing at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise -  check the times here.


In case you scrolled too quickly - Phoebe is leading a workshop and panel conversation at Courier Live this Friday: an all-day live event focused on modern business culture - and The WW Club readers can get a 20% discount on tickets using the code WWCLUB20. Get yours here.


Get your tickets for Pop-Up Magazine: an IRL collection of stories from brilliant writers, journalists, photographers, filmmakers and more. September 25, be there!


  Love  stuff that looks expensive,  but really isn't.

Love stuff that looks expensive, but really isn't.

  Stussy Women  strikes again.

Stussy Women strikes again.

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