A  kila Berjaoui  on a Monday.

Akila Berjaoui on a Monday.


1. Hello, August. It's too hot to operate on 100, and nor should you attempt to. August is a time to take your pleasure seriously, in whatever form you please. This week, add a *would love to* for every *have to* you add to your to-do list. (Need more encouragement? Enroll in the Class of 2018 for more friendly reminders like this one).

2. As a response to that viral Money Diary, Refinery29 launched a week-long series called "The Ultimate Scam: Women, Ambition, Money & Why We Love To Hate Them For It". They examine how the world critiques women's money choices and what greed means during an era of extreme wealth inequality. See the fantastic line-up of$$$ stories right here (and don't miss this incredible read: "The Myth Of The Gold Digger Endures — But Black Women Know It's BS").

3. Goop might be the most-critiqued wellness site out there, but find out how Gwyneth Paltrow still leveraged it to become $250 million brand. "Her business depended on no one ever being able to be her. Though I guess it also depended on their ability to think they might," NYT staffer Taffy Brodesser-Akner writes, in this unnerving read. Is the *wellness* backlash upon us?

4. Leave it to Beyoncé to make Vogue history by hiring the first-ever black photographer to shoot a cover for the magazine - and the September issue, no less. Check the full story - along with stunning images from 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell - over here.

5. On the pleasures and sorrows of holidays.

6. Writer Najma Sharif writes an ode to sisterhood in its many forms - and how it taught her that self-care is a community effort.



BAM debuts their Women at Work: Radical Creativity film series this week, featuring a wide range of movies that highlight the political and social contributions of visionary women. See the line-up here.


South Africa-born, London-raised artist Lisa Brice’s show at the Tateuses large-scale paintings to reimagine historic female nudes from paintings, photographs, and the media with a new sense of self-possession.


Enjoy a garden-inspired cocktail, bring a picnic, or just stroll around at one of the last Summer Nights in the Garden at NHMLA. Also, check out extended hours at California African American Museum in conjunction with Summer Nights in the Garden!


 Speaking of weddings... I wore these to one on Saturday and got a  lot  of  compliments .

Speaking of weddings... I wore these to one on Saturday and got a lot of compliments.

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