Kyle Yu  on a Monday.

Kyle Yu on a Monday.


1. Last week of August comin' our way! Now's the time to put down your phone, spend some time on anything but work, and rack up those relaxation hours - they'll all benefit your working life in the end. Like I always say, presence over productivity.

2. We're living in an "attention economy", with technology-based companies in a constant state of attacking our senses. If you're finding it hard to concentrate lately, you likely aren't to blame.

3. Hear from some of fashion's biggest names (Tracee Ellis Ross, Virgil Abloh, Elaine Welteroth) about what it's really like to be black in the fashion industry.

4. Chinese billionaires are hiring professional thieves to break into European museums and steal back Chinese art - and this whole story needs to be made into a movie.

5. Better understand how your daily habits affect your emotions with these incredibly easy-to-use mood tracking apps. Sometimes, it's the subtlest of patterns that can throw you off the most - like too much caffeine or spending time with people who drain you emotionally.

6. Tiffany Haddish for President. 



This perfect end-of-summer art show - appropriately called Something Lush and Hot, Drippy - features the work of four women artists interested in exploring the human form through abstract paintings. It's showing at the Monya Rowe Gallery until August 31.


Oakland-based artist Jenny Odell unpacks the surrealist side of the technology that we use everyday in her Neo-Surreal show at The Photographers’ Gallery. Open until September 30.


Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911-2011 at the Getty Center traces the “first” artistic fashion photograph, when the industry was more niche, through the decade as it became accepted as an art form and adapted to modern technology.


  Neon turtleneck?  Suddenly sounds about right.

Neon turtleneck? Suddenly sounds about right.

 Will buy anything with  a rose print , tbh.

Will buy anything with a rose print, tbh.

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