Rachel Schultz  on a Monday.

Rachel Schultz on a Monday.


1. Was the internet particularly chaotic last week or is it because Mercury was in retrograde or is the world just crazy now? If you need a short break from the bizarre celebrity news cycle and mindless scrolling, a DIGITAL DETOX is in order. Buy our six-page worksheetand assess exactly how much of your summer has been spent online, the ways social media affects your emotional well-being, and establishing healthier URL habits.

2. If you weren't able to get your hands on a copy of gal-dem's takeover of Guardian Weekend - which is 100% full of content from women and non-binary people of color - catch the digital highlights over here.

3. Considering your co-workers "like family" can damage your career in the long run, according to Allison Green of the book, column, and blog Ask A Manager.

4. Learn how to give the best pep talk of your life - because your friends and family deserve it. Apparently the secret lies in an approach called ÔÇťautonomy support" - AKA hyping up what they actually have control over in a situation.

5. Yes, the perks of freelance life are plentiful, but the remote gender wage gap is very much a reality.



Jump at the chance to see some spectacular writers (like Doreen St. Felix and Mayukh Sen) at a reading that benefits RAICES Texas - a non-profit that aids refugee children and families. Get your tickets right here.


Looking for an impressive (and free!) exhibit to add to the agenda this weekend? Jenny Holzer's Artist Room at the Tate is the right amount of moving and mysterious. If you're already a big fan, this show includes some lesser-known works.


If you haven't made it to see the James Turrell show at Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery, this is the last week to catch it. What are you waiting for?!


 Always on the lookout for  a new hoop .

Always on the lookout for a new hoop.

 A grown-up autumn spin on the  denim jacket .

A grown-up autumn spin on the denim jacket.

 The countdown to  Notting Hill Carnival  has begun.

The countdown to Notting Hill Carnival has begun.

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