Kate Ballis  on a Monday.

Kate Ballis on a Monday.


1. If you're not regularly connecting with clients old + new, wyd?It's the best way to keep yourself fresh in their minds in case a new project pops up - or to keep tabs on what they're looking for from future pitches. Make reaching out as seamless as possible with ourCONTACT PLANNING worksheet that helps you keep track the who/what/when of contact management. Print out a copy every quarter and fill it out anew.

2. Post-grad budgeting can be a shock to the system, especially if you're in New York City (even more so if you're moving here for the first time!). Find out how I make it work financially, alongside other New Yorkers - and see that it's really a never-ending process offiguring it out.

3. An installation of The Cut's How I Get It Done that you won't want to miss: Cynthia Nixon. Let's just say, she also checks her phone first thing in the AM and doesn't get quite enough sleep. Celebs, they're just like us!

4. Do you need a Money Mentor? Something to consider when you'renegotiating salary or need some financial perspective.

5. "Did I create the myth of Chinatown, or did the myth create me?" A beautiful read from writer Xuan Juliana Wang on finding both community and anonymity in the Manhattan neighborhood she made into a home.



At the International Center of Photography's show Multiply, Identify, Her, an intergenerational group of female artists explore what identity means to them. Highlights include work from Mickalene Thomas, Lorna Simpson, and Sondra Perry.


Make a point to hit up Newport Street Gallery's new show True Colorsand see the work of three emerging female artists who all work with a similar kaleidoscopic palette to tackle very different themes, from sexual psychology to mortality.


Explore a surrealist version of Palm Springs, where iconic locations are saturated in vibrant pinks, reds, and blues - as imagined by Kate Ballis for her show at Garis and Hahn called Hypercolour Fantasy: Infra Realism. (The photo up above is from her show!)


  Beauty Food Mango Slushy  you say? Sounds like August in a glass.

Beauty Food Mango Slushy you say? Sounds like August in a glass.

  For the Aries  (or Aries-lover, or just sweatshirt-lover) in your life.

For the Aries (or Aries-lover, or just sweatshirt-lover) in your life.

 Currently putting  snail mucin  (?!) on my face, and seeing actual results. Who knew.

Currently putting snail mucin (?!) on my face, and seeing actual results. Who knew.

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