Susana Paz on a Monday.

Susana Paz on a Monday.


1. Q2 was a big one for the CLASS OF 2018 - if you missed it, catch up on everything from Pitching 101 to Building a Freelance Budget with our full curriculum bundle. What comes with it? 3x worksheets, a syllabus + recommended reading list. TBH, it's kind of a bargain. For everyone ready to keep rolling, fret not: Q3 enrollment is on its way.

2. Got a great business idea but aren't sure where to start? Take a word of advice from the startup savant, my friend Sharmadean Reid (founder of WAH Nails and Beauty Stack), in her 'Bossing It' column for The Guardian.

3. If you're looking for some poignant summer viewing, a new documentary on the life and legacy of Whitney Houston opened in theaters last week. Culture critic Soraya Nadia McDonald interrogates the world's participation in her tragic end: "One of the most twisted, painful things to realize while watching Whitney is not just how the accumulated callousness of white supremacy warped and twisted Houston’s life before she’d ever been born. It’s how it blamed her for not being better able to survive it."

4. Tired of creepy dudes ruining your dancefloor moments with their poorly-timed chat up lines and complete disregard for the concept of *personal space*? Us, too. As so are my friends, director Margot Bowman and journalist Lynette Nylander, which is why they madeCommon Misconceptions - a short film that charts another stressful night out in the club (and also acts as a instructional guide for all the misguided men out there). Spread it far and wide.

5. Something we could all use over the next couple of months: A guide to avoiding money regret on summer vacay. Gulp.



MoMA PS1 Warm Up season is upon us! Get your tickets for its kickoff weekend or take a look at their line-up for next few months.


See the UK's first fashion exhibit examining the relationship between fashion and nature at the V&A's Fashioned From Nature. Pieces span from the 1600s to modern day, with the intent of inspiring and inciting more of an interest in sustainable fashion.


For an immersive art experience, visit MOCA's site-specific show we still here, there from resident artist Lauren Halsey. Resembling "a fantastical system of caves that viewers are invited to linger in," it serves as a visual archive of modern black culture in South Central L.A.


A  Holy Grail cleanser  in carry on-friendly format. Yay.

A Holy Grail cleanser in carry on-friendly format. Yay.

My current  (re)read .

My current (re)read.

Bare face +  orangey red lipstick  is the make up move till autumn.

Bare face + orangey red lipstick is the make up move till autumn.

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