David Hockney on a Monday.

David Hockney on a Monday.


1. We're a few weeks deep into Q3, but there's sitll time to sign up for CLASS OF 2018! Members + Tier 2 students get a syllabus, recommended reading list, weekly homework assignments, 3x worksheets, and more... This Q's focus is building up your client base, the art of leisure time, and growing your skill set - join us for a 'low-key, but make it productive' approach to summer learning.

2. If you're not ready to sign up for an entire quarter's worth of content you can still get your hands on our first Q3 worksheet, designed to help you organize the who/what/why of communicating with old clients, and bring in the new.

3. The internet has lost its collective sh*t over one of Refinery29's recent Money Diaries featuring a 21-year-old intern making $25/hour who also gets a hefty monthly allowance from her parents. This throwback in the New Yorker featuring the spending habits series feels particularly relevant to the convo, claiming that although MD could certainly do with more economic and geographic diversity, something about women's spending habits brings out the judgmental commentary in troves. Thoughts?

4. The Middle East has more women in tech per capita than anywhere else on the planet. Meet some of the female talent leading the digital revolution - regionally and globally.

5. You know that nagging feeling, even after you've checked off everything on your to-do list for the day, that you still aren't doingenough? In the name of summer, let's commit to practicing more gratitude and less guilt. Here's how to finally become a lazy person - even if just for a few hours.



The Whitney's new show Pacha, Llaqta, Wasichay: Indigenous Space, Modern Architecture, New Art is an investigation on how contemporary indigenous American artists are preserving language, identity, and community through their work.


Every year Serpentine Sackler Gallery invites a different architect to design a temporary pavilion, this year’s being Mexico’s brightest young architect Frida Escobedo. Get more details over here.


Missing NYC? Check out the LA version of Smorgasburg - the beloved NYC-born food festival. Mario Batali calls it "the single greatest thing I've ever seen gastronomically in New York City". That’s saying something. Open every Sunday at ROW DTLA.


 Very into  brands that only do one thing , but do it well.

Very into brands that only do one thing, but do it well.

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