Henri Matisse on a Monday.

Henri Matisse on a Monday.


1. If you missed out on Q2 in our CLASS OF 2018 program, catch up with our content bundle including the syllabus, required reading list, and 3x worksheets. Key skills you'll work on: creating a business plan for You, Inc., finding new clients, and financial literacy. Get the full Q2 curriculum here.

2. For the tenth issue of the brilliant London-based women's magazine Riposte, I met with filmmaker Crystal Moselle (watch the preview of her new film "Skate Kitchen" about an all-girl skate crew in NYC) at her home in Brooklyn on a sunny morning last month. We spoke about growing up in the 90s, #MeToo, and the importance of following your instincts. Get yourself a copy here.

3. Networking is seen as a necessary evil of a successful career, but it doesn't have to be to totally cringful. Hear from three smart women on how to find your people, purposefully and authentically. I especially love the sobering advice from my friend Camilla Blackett on not waiting around for industry connections to give you permission to create great work.

4. Serena Williams graces the August cover of InStyle and talks motherhood, her bravest career moments, and the pressures of living up to her name. Easily the best quote from the piece: "I’m always in the fast lane. I’m always extra."

5. When is the best time of day to write? Apparently your "vigilance" levels peak before noon. “Vigilance means our ability to bat away distraction," says Daniel Pink, the author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. "The enemy of writing is distraction, so people should be doing their writing during their peak when they’re less susceptible to it.” Here's an argument for clocking it first thing in the AM.



The only thing better than an outdoor yoga class in the summer? A FREE outdoor yoga class in the summer. Drop by Prospect Park after work on Thursdays throughout the season for an hour-long class hosted by Lululemon and Bend + Bloom Yoga.


We'll never get tired of a Matisse exhibition. The Bernard Jacobson Gallery is debuting a collection of rare prints from the artist on July 6th. Catch it while you can - it'll only be on view until September 15.


"Why do some fashion photographs transcend their commercial character to function as works of art, while others do not?" ICONS OF STYLE: A Century of Fashion Photography at the Getty Museumexamines the dissonance between what's captured in the frame and the harsh realities of fashion production and consumption.


It's summer. Kick back,  watch a foreign film , feel like a relaxed intellectual.

It's summer. Kick back, watch a foreign film, feel like a relaxed intellectual.

Wait, why I am still not in  Positano ?

Wait, why I am still not in Positano?

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