Le Corbusier on a Monday.

Le Corbusier on a Monday.


1.Q3 enrollment is ON. Sign up before this Wednesday to get 20% off your Tier 2 enrollment. This means... Worksheets, weekly homework assignments + seminars that'll help you build out your client base, learn the art of leisure time, and stay in a new skill mindset. Get it while you still can!

2. If you're feeling burnt out, summer is a great time to face that head on. The social nature of the season gives you an excuse to take a step away from your desk and relax. Or at least try to. Hundreds of New York Times readers shared how they battle burnout - and these are the highlights. (For a quick fix, give our MOTIVATION ONE-SHEET a try.)

3. “I argue that the most powerful thing you can do to add healthy years [to your life] is to curate your immediate social network,” says Dan Buettner, an author who studies the health habits of people who live in "blue zones" — regions of the world where people have much longer life expectancies. Read how keeping a tight and supportive circle is good for both your mental and physical health.

4. Stuck for your next summer read? Call Your Girlfriend has a few recs that are the perfect combination of robust and indulgent - AKA the recipe for an ideal beach read. Listen to the episode dedicated to their picks, also featuring hilarious and insightful interviews with the authors.

5. We can never read enough packing tips. Especially when they come from women perpetually on the road like Lisa Ling, Janet Mock, and Pilar Guzmán.



New York women have a history of pushing boundaries - especially during the particularly oppressive Victorian era. The Museum of the City of New York shines a spotlight on some of those radical women in their new show Rebel Women: Defying Victorianism, opening on
July 17.


Find out from industry experts exactly what it takes to break into the restaurant scene in London, at Eater Talks: Money Makes The (Restaurant) World Go Round, as moderated by Eater London. Hosted on the rooftop at the Ace Hotel on July 18.


Take advantage of the lovely weather and catch an outdoor film from Rooftop Cinema Club, screening all over the city. The selections are excellent, with major #tb's like Clueless and still-in-theaters hits like Isle of Dogs.


 Love a '95, especially in  *White Ice* .

Love a '95, especially in *White Ice*.

  Earring perfection  c/o friend of The WW Club, Annelise Michelson.

Earring perfection c/o friend of The WW Club, Annelise Michelson.

 PSA: J. Crew makes  really cute lingerie . You're welcome!

PSA: J. Crew makes really cute lingerie. You're welcome!

 Am in the market for a new mascara and  this one  looks great.

Am in the market for a new mascara and this one looks great.

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