Bey and Jay on a Monday.

Bey and Jay on a Monday.


1. Checklist for the last week of Q2: 1.) Make a list of all your wins from this quarter. 2.) Identify where there's room to improve in the upcoming months. 3.) Stock up on CLASS OF 2018 worksheets for a little motivation booster before Q3 enrollment opens. Bam!

2. Who says music videos can't be cultural learning tools? Hear what art history experts - including Kimberly Drew from The Met - have to say about BeyoncĂ© and Jay's "Apeshit" videoRead on. (And shout out Jenn Nkiru, a longtime friend of The WW Club, who worked as second unit director on the video. Yes Jenn!)

3. Have you compiled your perfect summer reading list? We're still working on ours, too. But Bon Appetit's round-up of 8 foodie books to indulge in this summer is giving us some delicious inspo. 

4. If you weren't able to make it to our ART DATE last Thursday, see just how the Brooklyn Museum gave the traveling exhibition RADICAL WOMEN: LATIN AMERICAN ART a uniquely New York City spin.Words from the show's original curators and BK Museum's co-curators here. 

5. Thinking about making a big career change this year? Check outExit Interview from The Atlantic - "a brief series of interviews with people who have quit, retired, been fired, reduced, or laid off" - which offers insight into the pros, cons and life lessons that come from unexpected swerves in your career path.



March at the Families Belong Together rally on June 30 in protest of the Trump administration's cruel separation of families at the U.S. border. The main demonstration will take place in D.C., but cities across the globe are taking part - find out the details here. We'll see ya out there.


Celebrate over 60 of today's most influential writers from Africa and its diaspora at Africa Writes 2018, a weekend long festival from June 29 to July 1. The program is fantastic, including writers Akwaeke Emezi (author of Freshwater), Warsan Shire (the poet behind the prose in Lemonade), and Liv Little (founder of gal-dem).


Catch the Hammer's Flux film series on Tuesday, June 26 @ 7:30 PM, screening short films and music videos from across the globe - including Tame Impala's My Life starring Willow Smith and Childish Gambino's This Is America - followed by a courtyard afterparty.


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