Eugene Gordon on a Monday.

Eugene Gordon on a Monday.


1. Got career questions for Phoebe? She'll be dishing out advice on everything from developing healthy work habits to making the leap to full-time freelance. Slide into our DMs + stay tuned for answers on our new IG TV series, WORK IT OUTdropping on our Insta very soon.

2. Learn how to handle your freelance finances with this week's CLASS OF 2018 worksheet BUILD YOUR BUDGET, dropping on Wednesday. This one includes a link to a spreadsheet template you can use to get on top of your own cash flow situation - enroll as a student here to get it sent straight to your inbox.

3. Body positive has been a fashion buzzword for the last several years - but where exactly is the inclusion to reflect it?

4. Magazines are folding left and right. The co-founder of Somerset House's new exhibition Print! Tearing It Up, Mushpit Bertie Brandes, argues that it might actually benefit the industry in unexpected ways. (Thanks to the founder of Riposte, Danielle Pender, for the head's up!)

5. Anthony Bourdain built his career on truth, curiosity, and the communion that can only come when we break bread with others. His death is a loss for us all. Read the New Yorker essay that kickstarted his media career.



Discover the inner-workings of the women’s liberation movement in NYC during the past 100 years at the Museum of the City of New York's Beyond Suffrage: A Century of Women in New York Politics.


The highliy-anticipated Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up at the V&A opens on June 16 - and has never been exhibited outside the artist’s home country of Mexico. Take a closer look at how the iconic artist explored and molded her identity through fashion.


Between 1980-85, artist Judy Chicago and a team of 150 needleworkers created the Birth Project, which examines maternity, motherhood, and gender through 84 intricate textile pieces  - and is just as relevant and touching today. See it at the Pasadena Museum of California Art starting on June 17.


 The world lost a real one last week. If you've never read   Kitchen Confidential  , now is the time.

The world lost a real one last week. If you've never read Kitchen Confidential, now is the time.

  Brother Vellies  just opened a BK store. Buy your summer sandals in good conscience.

Brother Vellies just opened a BK store. Buy your summer sandals in good conscience.

  KARA  keeps dropping the hits.

KARA keeps dropping the hits.

 It's  creamy bronzer season  aka the most wonderful time of the year.

It's creamy bronzer season aka the most wonderful time of the year.

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