Mexico City (part 2) on a Monday. Click the image to download our guide.

Mexico City (part 2) on a Monday. Click the image to download our guide.


1. Mexico City is still on our minds. As part of our partnership with Warehouse, we spoke to two of our favourite working women in CDMX Suzzan Atala, founder of Tuza Jewelry, and architecture journalist Karina Zatarain - about the city they call home. Click here to listen to Phoebe's interview with Karina and Suzz, and here to download our exclusive Mexico City guide.

2. A proper Rihanna profile is always the source of great excitement, and Vogue's latest (by the fabulous Chioma Nnadi) does not disappoint. At the age of 30, Rihanna is more self-assured, more powerful, and clearly more happy in her skin than ever. It's a beautiful thing to behold. Obviously the accompanying make-up tutorial is not to be missed, either. 

3. Bookstores curated for and by people of colour continue to create community engagement across the U.S. as well as helping indie bookstores more relevant than ever. “I think people of color, because we don’t learn our own histories in the same way in school or in a lot of mainstream media, we have this hunger to understand ourselves and to understand what’s going on, our histories, our place in the world,” says Pablo Sierra, co-owner of Walls of Books in Washington D.C. Read more about the brilliant literary work being done in this Washington Post story.

4. Some quick but impactful TED Talks to watch with your morning coffee. Life lessons before 9 AM? We love a multitasking moment.

5. Your spring cleaning to-do list probably involves: desk, wardrobe, makeup bag. If your home could use a big design refresh, too, Man Repeller rounded up some of the best interior advice they've collected over the years to get you started.



Take a closer look at the exhibit that informed the Met Gala's theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination opens to the public on May 10.


In celebration of the late designer’s rebellious creations and charismatic charm, The Design Museum's Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier juxtaposes stories from his personal life with his work from the 1980s up until the year of his death, 2017.


LACMA's In the Fields of Empty Days: The Intersection of Past and Present in Iranian Art is an exploration of the repurposing of Iran’s past in its modern art, literature, film, and more.


 <3333333 these,  by Tuza  (see above).

<3333333 these, by Tuza (see above).

 My friend  Marawa 's  Girl Guide &nbsp;just came out in the US -&nbsp; buy it for your little sis or cousin. &nbsp;

My friend Marawa's Girl Guide just came out in the US - buy it for your little sis or cousin. 

  What I'm wearing &nbsp;on my (purely hypothetical) trip to the Italian Riviera this July.

What I'm wearing on my (purely hypothetical) trip to the Italian Riviera this July.

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