Janelle Monae by Shaniqwa Jarvis on a Monday.

Janelle Monae by Shaniqwa Jarvis on a Monday.


1. Q2's been an eventful one, no? We're determined to keep the momentum going - but we also want to build on it and set ourselves up for a strong finish to 2018. If you aren't enrolled in the CLASS OF 2018, buy our PITCHING + PROPOSAL BUILDING 101 worksheet individually here. OR really catch up on the Q2 content and get A PLAN FOR YOU, INC. worksheet here.

2. Nine writers, designers, business founders, and other creative professionals who work completely remote share how they create their perfect work-from-home space

3. ESSENCE rolls out its list of 2018's 'Wokest 100 Women', ackowledging the brilliant work of black women from all industriesand the positive changes they've made in their fields and respective communities. 

4. Everything about R29's (Un)Cover featuring Janelle Monae is perfection, from the stunning spread to the very personal story. If you didn't already have Dirty Computer on repeat, you certainly will now.

5. After taking a step back from Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards is on tour for her book Make Trouble. She spoke to Bon Appetit about her activism, the foods that kept her going along the way, and her plans for the future.



Enjoy the weather and The Met's newest rooftop garden installationWe Come in Peace by Huma Bhaba - a series of humanlike sculptures that are a little eerie, but seriously impressive. Plus, you can't beat the view.


At the V&A's The Future Starts Here exhibit, you'll find 100 pieces of technology that examine the direction of internet culture, artificial intelligence, and the technological landscape soon to come.


Browse work from three of the most influential photographers in modern history - two of which are women - at MoCA's Real Worlds: Brassaï, Arbus, Goldin


 I’ve never owned a pair of  green shoes . Is it time?

I’ve never owned a pair of green shoes. Is it time?

 Hyper-personalised astrology:  there’s an app for that.

Hyper-personalised astrology: there’s an app for that.

 This little  Truss bag  is perfect for summer (and on sale!).

This little Truss bag is perfect for summer (and on sale!).

 Don’t sleep on the  New York Public Library podcast.
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