Georgia O'Keeffe on a Monday.

Georgia O'Keeffe on a Monday.


1. Looking for some summer travel inspo? Download our guide to Mexico City, featuring the city's most inspiring spots according to CDMX's most inspiring working women: Suzzan Atala, founder of Tuza Jewelry, and architecture journalist Karina Zatarain. Want more? Listen to our conversation on the same theme.

2. It's definitely time for a Fashion Revolution. From production to the runway, the fashion supply chain is riddled with discrimination, endangerment, and exploitation. Enough is enough: and it's on us as consumers to require more from the companies we support. Not sure where to start? This UK-based non-profit makes it easy to write to major brands and demand more transparency and awareness. Take action!

3. As women, shame is an emotion many of us navigate on a daily basis. Despite its deeply negative connotations, Zadie Smith explains why shame can actually be fuel as fuel for writers (as well on expounding on the dangers of complete shamelessness).

4. If you're in need of a playlist refresh, add Amber Mark for a dose of silky and sublime R&B - with the visuals to match.

5. According to Women's Media Center“women of color represent just 7.95 percent of U.S. print newsroom staff, 12.6 percent of local TV news staff and 6.2 percent of local radio staff.” Massively disappointing, but far from shocking. Man Repeller spoke with three media titans on their experiences as women of color in the industry- and often the only WOC in the room.



Syrian-born sculptor Diana Al-Hadid's first major public installation, Delirious Matter, can be seen throughout Madison Square Garden starting today. Her work straddles the line between modernism and decay, with a staunch focus on story-telling around the immigrant experiences in the U.S.


You've likely heard that Wardour News, one of the city's longest-run independent magazine stores and sources of endless fashion and design inspiration, is closing this month due to rising rents in Soho. As both a celebration and tearful goodbye, shop owner and magazine savent Raj Patel will be in conversation with editors from ELLE, gal-dem, DAZED, and Riposte on the Power of Print on May 15 @ 6:30 PM. All proceeds will go to Raj's retirement fund.


The Montalbán has officially brought their Rooftop Cinema Club back for its fourth season. There's popcorn, booze, a stellar view, and this week they're showing films like "Charade", "Get Out" and "Risky Business". Let summer commence!


 Currently starting my days with  a chapter from this . A recommended addition to your AM routine.

Currently starting my days with a chapter from this. A recommended addition to your AM routine.

 This would make  a nice gift  for someone. (Yourself?)

This would make a nice gift for someone. (Yourself?)

 Yup, still riding  the leopard print wave .

Yup, still riding the leopard print wave.

 A truly  game-changing tea , and I do not write that lightly.

A truly game-changing tea, and I do not write that lightly.

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