Stephanie Syjuco on a Monday.

Stephanie Syjuco on a Monday.


Q2, let's gooooooo! 

We all know I love a new quarter. Why? Maybe because it feels like a chance to hit reset on your work life (and maybe your personal life, too), just at the point in the season when you're likely starting to lose steam. Before you get lost down the rabbit hole of list-making and goal-charting, though, make time to celebrate everything you accomplished in Q1. Big and small, you did that!

We've got a lot in the works here at The WW Club for Q2. Obviously, you can expect lots more CLASS OF 2018 content (stay tuned for enrollment details), a bunch of events featuring your fav working women, a revamp of The Workspace, + much more. Anything you want to see more of? Slide into our DM's. We love hearing from you.

Keep your energy high and your mission clear. Let's get it!

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1. If you're still thinking about the words of wisdom from our SUNDAY SCHOOL convo with Man Repeller's Digital Editor Haley Nahman, re-watch the interview here to take notes (we'll have a hi-res version coming soon). You can also check out photos from the event right over here.

2. In the wake of the bone-chilling Cambridge Analytica Facebook story, one columnist in The New York Times asks: Can Social Media Be Saved?

3. Skeptical about advice columns? Us too, sometimes. In this new career-focused format from R29, the advice-seeker has to report back on whether or not the columnist's recommendations actually worked. In-ter-esting. First dilemma: How do I shake imposter syndrome?(Know that feeling.)

4. Itching for an internet deep-dive, but want to keep it productive? This School of Life Work + Capitalism playlist will do the job. They break down massive work/life dilemmas (from how to find your purpose in life to rejecting the idea that $$$ determines your worth) into digestible lessons that only run a few minutes long.

5. The future of media has been a looming under a question mark for years now, but there's a pocket of publishing that is flourishing against the odds: independent food magazines. They're design-conscious, thought-provoking, and quite literally breaking the Mold



QUEENIE: Selected artworks by female artists from El Museo del Barrio’s collection focuses on the work of artists from the Caribbean, Latin America, and larger Latinx diaspora.


Lorna Simpson's newest show uses collage made from her collection of vintage Jet and Ebony mags to chronicle the lives of black women in America. Unanswerable is showing at Hauser & Wirth London until April 28.


If you're in desperate need of some color therapy, David Hockney: iPhone and iPad Drawings at LA Louver is just that. A little tech, a lot of vibrant art - in typical Hockney fashion.


 Because  gratitude + comfort  = the keys to success.

Because gratitude + comfort = the keys to success.

 It's almost  bare arms season . Rejoice.

It's almost bare arms season. Rejoice.

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