WUtopia Lab architecture on a Monday.

WUtopia Lab architecture on a Monday.


1. After a brief spring break, CLASS OF 2018 enrollment is open with an all-new syllabus for Q2. The theme is WORKING YOUR WAY UP - which means learning how to make the contacts, clients, and cold hard cash you need to build a career that actually works. How? With original worksheets online seminars, weekly homework assignments, work events, + more. ENROLL ENROLL ENROLL.

2. Businesswoman. Icon in-the-making. Queen of Extra. History buff.There are so many layers to Cardi B. In case you missed it, here's another excellent profile from the hilarious Caity Weaver from GQ's May issue.

3. My girl Sharmadean Reid changed the nail art game when she made downtown-style manicures both on-trend and accessible to consumers via WAH Nails. Major companies quickly caught on, as they always do, and ripped her ideas left and right. Her newest venture, Beautystack, is all about giving beauty professionals autonomy to get the money they deserve. Find out how.

4. It's summer anthem season. As you ponder which 'Nice for What'caption to use on your next IG post, take a moment to consider the politics of sampling Lauryn Hill and Drake as a 'stylish Capitalist'. (Doreen St. Felix strikes again.)

5. Mulling over the idea of starting a podcast? This podcast will answer every question you have, from finding your show's purpose to recording basics.



 See the many sides of glam-pop icon Grace Jones in the documentary Grace Jones: Floodlight and Bamishowing at BAM until April 19.


Songstress extraordinaire Kelela will be performing at the Ace Hotel's theater on April 17. If you've never seen her live, time to go get your mind blown.


Helen Frankenthaler's is one of the most influential creators of American abstraction. Her work is vibrant and visceral - you won't want to miss her highly-anticipated exhibit at SAIC.


 Until it actually warms up, a  sunny new fragrance  seems like a decent compromise.

Until it actually warms up, a sunny new fragrance seems like a decent compromise.

 My DIMES girls have teamed up with Loquet on a  cute collab . Tasty!

My DIMES girls have teamed up with Loquet on a cute collab. Tasty!

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