Léa Augereau  on a Monday.

Léa Augereau on a Monday.


Woah, wait, it's March?! How did that happen?! But also - happy Women's History Month from myself and The WW Club crew! 

For us, every month of the year is about supporting working women and celebrating those who made it possible for us to do what we do. This month in particular, I encourage you to elevate the work of other women in any way you can.

Whether that's sharing an underappreciated woman's work on Insta, or passing on a helpful contact, a fistbump of solidarity and support always goes a long way. If you have a platform: use it. If you think kind thoughts: say them out loud. You get what you give, after all.

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Rule #3: Make Stuff. Learn the rest of the rules in The Working Woman's Handbook.


1. NYC friends: Hope to see you at our next WORK PARTY on March 14, which is taking place in a gorgeous Breather space in Soho! Experience our signature co-working event, where you can take a guided workshop ld by m CLASS OF 2018 syllabus (+all 3 worksheets are included!), hang out with other cool women, and enjoy the snacks/WiFi. Reminder: members + Tier 2 Students get first dibs and 20% off tickets! Get yours here.

2. March For Our Lives, a nationwide protest against gun violence, will be held on March 24 in Washington D.C. and sister cities like NYC, LA, and Boston. Here's everything you need to know about the march + ways to get involved.

3. There are two big mental shifts you need to make to optimize your success. A lot of us make the first, but very few tackle the second.

4. If you're as big of a fan as I am of Away's super sleek and convenient suitcases (see how I pack mine as a *digital nomad*), you have Jen Rubio, the company's co-founder, to thank! She talks being inspired by awful suitcases, tips on staying productive, and why having emotional intelligence as a boss is key.

5. Next time someone asks to "pick your brain" (ugh) first consider how much your time is actually worth.

6. As we near the tail end of Fashion Month, a few major insiders give their take on the decline of street style, and the industry's obsession with thin, white women. Here's hoping for a more inclusive future.



Still don't have a copy of The Working Woman's HandbookFix that!



Mix work and play at our signature co-working event, WORK PARTY,on March 14! You can expect a guided workshop in which Phoebe will take you through the entire CLASS OF 2018 syllabus, a gorgeous office for the day from Breather, and plenty of snacks.


Relive each month of 1932 - arguably the most significant year in Picasso’s life - when the artist created many of the pieces that propelled him to fame. Tate Modern's Picasso 1932 - Love, Fame, Tragedy explores over 100 paintings, sculptures, and drawings he created during that time frame.


SOUL RECORDINGS at Luis De Jesus is a group exhibition that includes multinational artists, all providing commentary on their intimate experiences with today's political climate.


  Puffer coat , but make it spring.

Puffer coat, but make it spring.

  Dry brushing  is one of those self-care obsessions that really is worth the hype.

Dry brushing is one of those self-care obsessions that really is worth the hype.

 If you didn't already pre-order  Cleo Wade's new book , it drops March 6.

If you didn't already pre-order Cleo Wade's new book, it drops March 6.

 Didn't realize you needed a  holographic business card case ? Me neither, 'til now.

Didn't realize you needed a holographic business card case? Me neither, 'til now.

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