Cy Twombly on a Monday.

Cy Twombly on a Monday.


1. We've almost survived (and hopefully thrived throughout!) Q1. Congrats on making it to the very last week. *applause emoji* It has been a hectic few months for us: We launched the CLASS OF 2018, kickstarted The WW Club IG TV, and hosted a whole load of events (like SUNDAY SCHOOL yesterday - you can catch our interview with Man Repeller's Haley Nahman right here). The year is off to a crazy busy start and we wouldn't have it any other way, TBH.

2. After a brief spring interlude, CLASS OF 2018 will be back to help you make Q2 a big one. Next quarter's theme: WORKING YOUR WAY UP. We'll guide you in pinpointing your goals and making moves to check off every single one. If you aren't already a member, you can enroll in our yearlong course full of information (even from Q1), insight, and support to launch or evolve your creative careerOr if you want to take it one quarter at a time, stay tuned to find out how you can sign up for Q2 and get access to a brand new course of content and events.

3. Are you cut out for turning your Insta content into $$$? It's not quite the *white sheets and almond cappuccinos* lifestyle that those pro-influencers make appear. Here's how to find out if you've got what it takes.

4. In anticipation of the V&A Museum's Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up show, this is an interesting examination on how the fashion industry has commandeered Frida Kahlo's image. 

5. Kimberly Drew, the Social Media Manager at the Met and overall brilliant human, spoke with Dazed about the necessity for self-education (something I've been thinking a lot about lately: see above).

6. When the stress piles on, is your instinct to find the closest comfort food and...pile it on your plate? Junk food usually just makes you feel even worse, both physically and mentally (post-sugar guilt, anyone?), so save yourself the emotional rollercoaster withthese healthy options, instead.

7. If you weren't familiar with Haley Nahman before you checked outour SUNDAY SCHOOL interview with the Man Repeller editor (a hi-res edit is coming soon), get familiar with some of her best pieces for the site. I love this onethis one, and this one especially. 


Rule #6: Nothing Good Comes Easy. Learn the rest of the rules in The Working Woman's Handbook.



Reasons to stop by NAYA's Accessing Wellness As A Person of Color on March 28: 1.) Amazing conversation with a panel of wellness experts like my guy Joe Holder (a NIKE Master Trainer). 2.) All proceeds go to Bent On Learning.


A stellar and photo-worthy exhibition, Paul Stolper Gallery's NEON / LIGHT features sculptural work that explores the use of lighting, from art world giants like Cerith Wyn Evans, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Peter Saville and Brian Eno.


If you haven't made it out to the Gianni Versace Retrospective (in one of the most gorgeous buildings in Berlin, the Kronprinzenpalais), it closes in a few weeks so get over there ASAP!


  Super Good Thing : Strong name, strong concept,  great  products.

Super Good Thing: Strong name, strong concept, great products.

 Not bitter matcha in super cute bottles. Into it,  Matcha Bar .

Not bitter matcha in super cute bottles. Into it, Matcha Bar.

  Janis Studios' Darka Bag  is my new go-to.

Janis Studios' Darka Bag is my new go-to.

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