1. For the third and final event for our CLASS OF 2018 Q1 curriculum, we're hosting our very own spin on SUNDAY SCHOOL (but not as you know it). We believe that auto-didactism aka self-education is a huge part of the creative career puzzle, so this weekend, Phoebe will be interviewing Man Repeller's Digital Editor Haley Nahman on the education - formal and informal - that helped her get to where she is today. Tickets are already sold out :( but we'll be livestreaming the interview on our Facebook page, so be sure to lock in n' learn.

2. If you aren't enrolled in CLASS OF 2018, but still want in on this quarter's exclusive and original worksheets, you can buy get a copy ofYOUR BEST WEEK, EVERY WEEK before Q2 kicks off. This simple weekly planner will help you to make sure you hit your health, work, and personal goals every.damn.week.

3. I had a chat with Man Repeller on being the proudest Londoner you'll ever meet, and yet still feeling like New York is the only place for me right now. Have a read.

4. Quite surprising: 33 percent of the workforce in the U.S. is made up of freelancers/those working with micro-businesses. Not so surprising: A recent survey shows that freelancing is a viable, sustainable career path that can provide a more balanced lifestyle. 

5. *Forwards to every man in my circle.*

6. A three-step plan for staying sane in the Trump era, c/o Zerlina Maxwell, for anyone who might be in need of such a list. (Me.)

7. We're all about last minute jet-setting when the right (read: cheap) plane tickets present themselves. Some trips, however, require a bit more planning to be done rightThese 25 getaways are meant to be booked a year in advance — and trust, your future self will thank you for thinking ahead. Always give yourself something to look forward to = a life motto, if ever we had one.


Rule #5: Tell A Story. Learn the rest of the rules in The Working Woman's Handbook.



Take a stand against gun violence with March For Our Lives on March 24. While D.C. is where the March is officially being held, there will be almost 700 events and demonstrations worldwide on that day. We'll see you out there.


Finish your weekend on a high note with our SUNDAY SCHOOL event on March 25. As part of our year-long CLASS OF 2018 curriculum, Phoebe will conduct live interview with Man Repeller's Digital Editor, Haley Nahman, on the books, jobs, and life lessons that were fundamental in her education. Tickets are all gone but you can lock in live on our Facebook page.


Listen and learn from some of LA's tireless WoC activists at The Main Museum's From the Frontlines: A Conversation with L.A Womxn of Color Activist Leaders on March 21. Bonus: It's completely free.


 My friend  Madeline 's new  nail polish collection  will push you out of your neutral mani comfort zone.

My friend Madeline's new nail polish collection will push you out of your neutral mani comfort zone.

 Things to love about spring: Not being freezing, and  PASTELS .

Things to love about spring: Not being freezing, and PASTELS.

 Time 4 a new  trench .

Time 4 a new trench.

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