Come and WORK PARTY with us!

Come and WORK PARTY with us!


1. We back! Our signature co-work session WORK PARTY has returned, with a few major upgrades. New Yorkers, come spend an afternoon going through all the syllabus materials for CLASS OF 2018 - yep, I'll be leading a live guide to all three worksheets - alongside a bunch of cool and creative women in a beautiful space provided by Breather. Bonus: A solid WiFi connection and excellent snacks. BUY YOUR TICKET HERE. 

2. THE WW CLUB IG TV episode 2 is live! Learn how to apply the NEW RULES OF WORK from The Working Woman's Handbook to your daily life with our new mini video series. Find out Rule #2 for staying booked + busy over here.

3. I couldn't be prouder of my girl Paloma Elsesser and her game-changing i-D magazine cover. "Sitting here being able to have this conversation is a sign that things are changing, and that people want change," she says in her cover story. Indeed.

4. Music legend Neneh Cherry shares her 10 favorite books of all time, and trust me, you'll be adding every. single. one. to your cart on Amazon. (While you're at it - maybe add my book to read the interview inside with Ms. Cherry herself?)

5. There's nothing wrong with feeling like your career is a big part of your identity, but if someone asks "What do you do?" and your only answer is "work"...then, it might be time to switch things up.Developing self-complexity by picking up a hobby or two can help you build a more fulfilling and well-rounded life. Who knew?

6. Any New York resident will tell you that saving money in this city feels almost impossible. But saving money as a single woman?Don't make me LOL. Apparently, some savvy women are managing it, though. Here's how.

7. Read an excerpt from Roxane Gay's new bookDress Like a Woman: Working Women and What They Wore —available Feb. 27—about the politics of getting dressed for work as a woman. V on brand!

8. Naomi Campbell interviews 10 radical young women for British Vogue x NIKE. Magic ensues.



Don't miss a chance to work + play at the same time by attending our signature Work Party on March 14. Meet other members, eat some snacks, and get a condensed Cliff Notes on all three worksheets in our Q1 Syllabus. 

Women pioneers of the labor movement are often left out of the conversation, but BAM's Women At Work series showcases films that tell their stories.


From punk culture to politics, explore the disruptive history of one of our favorite everyday garments: the t-shirt. Don't miss the Fashion and Textile Museum's fascinating show, T-Shirt: Cult - Culture - Subversion.


Planned Parenthood has enlisted the help of LA’s top restaurants, wineries, and more to throw a food festival for a good cause. Save the date: March 1 at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.


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 It's always  Scorpio SZN  in my world.

It's always Scorpio SZN in my world.

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