Michelle Obama by  Amy Sherald  on a Monday.

Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald on a Monday.


1. The WW Club IG TV is live! Tune into our Instagram each week for on-the-go career guidance that will help you put THE NEW RULES OF WORK - as found in The Working Woman's Handbook - to daily use. Catch the series opener over here.

2. Fighting the winter blues with every ounce of your being?Same. Get back into your flow state with #THEWWCLUBCO18's Motivation Worksheet. It'll help you focus on your mission, check off the inspo basics, and keep you on track at all costs. Get your copy here.

3. In case you missed it, last week was the big unveil of the Obamas'official portraits at the Smithsonian. The geniuses behind the artwork,Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, are the first black artists to create Smithsonian-commissioned portraits of a former President and First Lady. Now, let's see more black writers being commissioned to write op-eds on these historic paintings...

4. Trying to break through a major creative block? Apparently,default mode network—AKA that autopilot feeling you experience while doing something mundane like folding laundry—is the best mental state to be in for brilliance to strike.

5. Learn something this Black History Month: Here's an entire playlist of exceptional TED Talks by black women on everything from social justice to entrepreneurship to beauty standards.

6. By mid-February, winter can feel pretty bleak. On the *bright side*, it's also the perfect season to get your routines and rituals on point. Got to do something with all those quiet nights in.

7. If you're an ambitious person (and based on the fact that you're reading this newsletter, we're guessing you are), you likely spend a lot of time planning your next move. But it's important to reflect on your past career mishaps so you can use that wisdom to build a better future for yourself. Here, 26 women share their biggest work blunders—the tragic, the hilarious, and everything in-between. 

8. My girl Naomi Shimada explains how practicing self-care is an act of resistance in itself, and some of the things that keep her feeling grounded.



Contemporary Art University Museum welcomes a new exhibit, Sublevaciones, (or Uprisings), which explores the nature of protest worldwide through paintings, films, and photographs. Opening day is Feb 24, but you can catch the show until July 29.


On Feb 23 the Tate Modern is hosting Represent! with Stance Podcastan evening of workshops, conversations, and performances for and about women in the arts.


Examine the design dialogue between California and Mexico through the architecture, photography, film, and public art of the 20th century by checking out Found In Translation: Design In California And Mexico, 1915-1985 at LACMA.


 **New  Zadie Smith  klaxon!** Rejoice.

**New Zadie Smith klaxon!** Rejoice.

  Milk Makeup's Hydrating Oil  is a great shimmer-free alternative to highlighter.

Milk Makeup's Hydrating Oil is a great shimmer-free alternative to highlighter.

 This  multi-purpose balm  is perfect for travel.

This multi-purpose balm is perfect for travel.

 It's still PJ season.  Lean in.

It's still PJ season. Lean in.

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