William T. Williams on a Monday

William T. Williams on a Monday


1. Janelle Monáe: Genius musician, actress, performer, and entrepreneur. This Fast Company profile is full of inspiring tidbits to inspire your own vision for what work could mean... Her Atlanta-based creative empire Wondaland sounds like the work/life dream:"Organization, strategy, and a tight group of trusted collaborators keep Janelle Monáe’s artistic world spinning." Spin on, Janelle.

2. We all know that Instagram is changing the way we see the world, ourselves, and each other, but it feels almost impossible to parse out these effects in real time. Thankfully we have brilliant writers like Jenna Wortham to do some of the hard thinking for us, as in this piece on social media and gender identity for The New York Times Magazine.

3. The quest for a better morning routine continues. Here are some more tips to mine when crafting your own. A key takeaway: to be mindful of what energizes you, even if it's not the conventional gym-meditation-matcha routine we all think we should be doing. It might be playing with your cat. If so, make time for it.

4. Hilton Als (have you read White Girls? You should) on Missy Elliotfor The New Yorker c. 1997A joy from start to finishMuch like Missy herself. [Via @judnikki]

5. 100 influential women from around the world, as selected by the BBC, to help inspire your 2019 energy. Let's bring it.


The 20th anniversary tour of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill reaches London on December 3 at the O2.


Soul of A Nation: Art In the Age of Black Power shines light on a broad spectrum of Black artistic practice from 1963 to 1983" - including the work of local painter William T. Williams, shown above.


Artist Jordan Wolfson's immersive environment featuring a robotic sculpture, (Female figure), 2014, is on view at The Broad now.


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