Barbara Hepworth on a Monday.

Barbara Hepworth on a Monday.


1. Big thanks to the Wall Street Journal for featuring us in this articleabout the ways in which women are seeking mentorship outside of work. An honour!

2. Life itself is an exercise in finding balance in ever-changing permutations, and it can be interesting to know how other people go about it. The Guardian’s The Balance column is full of helpful ideas to add to your own unique formula - last week, we liked Adriene Mischler’s advice to ‘focus on three things intimately, rather than 300 things half-arsed.’ What are your three?

3. The only thing better than the promise of a forthcoming Solange album are the interviews we get to enjoy until it arrives. Here, she’s celebrated by The New York Times Style Magazine as one of the ‘Greats’. Amen. 

4. As you probably already know, it’s Halloween this week. Mark the occasion by grappling with the truly scary shit in life, with a little help from our fear-fighting fact sheet. Better the devil you know, right?

5. How well are you feeling this Monday? And what does wellness even mean to you? In a great new series by Fariha Róisín for Healthyish, NY-based chef Angela Dimayuga offers one of the best definitions I’ve read“Wellness to me means staying ambitious to your cause but being conscious of what your body and mind need to get there.” Let’s get there."



Check out BeautyStack’s online/offline pop-up salon in Kings Cross this Tuesday and Wednesday (and make sure you download the app, too!)


Bitten is a new kind of food conference, exploring the cultural, political, and social implications of the stuff that sustains us. It’s happening this weekend in NYC.


If you’re in Yorkshire - or the general vicinity - make a trip to The Hepworth Wakefield to check out The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, which opens on Friday. 


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