Maruja Mallo on a Monday.

Maruja Mallo on a Monday.


1. Women on power – and powerlessness: This new series from The Cut explores one of the most complex and important social dynamics of our times.

2. “You have to go through the darkness, through the underground, before you get to the light.” Oliver Burkeman’s profile on the Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami feels topical in more ways than one.

3. If you were unable to make it to The New York Times’ New Rules Summit last month you can check out all the coverage of the panels - which focused on the barriers facing women as they enter their careers -  over here

4. While you’re planning your Halloween look, maybe take a moment to think about the work-related project or idea you’ve been putting off because it scares you. How could you get out of your own way and take a step towards your creative fulfillment? Our FEAR-FIGHTING FACTSHEET is formulated to help you do just that. Get it here.

5. For further reading on fear and the creative process, check out this list on the ever-excellent Brainpickings - and then download the full Q4 syllabus from The WW Club Class of 2018, which features plenty more recommendations for helpful podcasts, articles, and talks.



If the painting by Maruja Mallo at the top of this week's newsletter caught your eye, don't miss your chance to see it in the flesh at an exhibition of the surrealist artist's work at Ortuzar Projects.


Looking to add a live music moment to your autumn calendar? Consider Blood Orange at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on October 29.


LA #UNSHUTTERED at the Getty Center showcases the work of 23 Los Angeles-area high schoolers exploring social issues through photography. 


 It’s about to be trackpant szn.  Stock up .

It’s about to be trackpant szn. Stock up.

 Can’t go wrong with a  Vintage Valentino vibe .

Can’t go wrong with a Vintage Valentino vibe.

 A  new HG lipliner  (for those of us who still wear lipliner). 

new HG lipliner (for those of us who still wear lipliner). 

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