Suzannah Pettigrew  on a Monday.

Suzannah Pettigrew on a Monday.


1. Looking for a regular dose of motivation to carry you through the rest of the year? Get all our Q4 homework assignments sent straight to your inbox (for free!) over here.

2. What's it like being an 18-year-old girl around the world? The New York Times sent teen photographers from various parts of the planet to capture what being 18 looks like in their communities. Eye-opening, for real.

3. You're likely familiar with the idea of Attachment Styles as they apply to romantic relationships - but how does being Fearful Avoidant or Anxious Preoccupied affect you in the workplace?

4. Bored of reading books by old white males? Us, too. The Paris Review's Feminize Your Canon explores the lives of underrated and underread female authors, to help you bring some balance to your bookshelf.

5. Who doesn't love a glimpse into the habits and routines that make up a creative life? Filmmaker Crystal Moselle meditates twice a day, does Pilates on YouTube, and loves cheap bronzer. A woman after our own hearts (read Phoebe's interview with her in the current issue of Riposte).



Trace the history of the most polarizing color at the Museum at FIT's Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color starting in the 18th century until today, featuring contemporary pink designs from Rei Kawakubo, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. The show is on display until January 5.


Presented by NYC’s New Museum, The Store X will be exhibiting work from 21 acclaimed artists and filmmakers who have shown their films at the museum over the last 10 years. This collection will explore the ways in which images shape memory. Running until December 9.


Each piece in Craft & Folk Art Museum's Of Thorns and Love exhibit was created by Egyptian-born, LA-based artist Sherin Guirguis and was inspired by the work of early 20th-century Egyptian feminist poet Doria Shafik. Shafik’s legacy has been largely erased by history, and Guirguis’s work aims to change that by creating a new space for her in contemporary feminism. Show runs through January 9.


 For days when  you mean business .

For days when you mean business.

 A  perfect crewneck  is worth its weight in gold (or quality cotton).

perfect crewneck is worth its weight in gold (or quality cotton).

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