1. Happy birthday to us!!! It'd be an understatement to say the last three years have a been a wild ride for  myself The WW Club - from turning an LA pop-up space into a global community of working women, to publishing a book, to most recently launching a year-long program for building creative careers, the Class of 2018. Thank you to all the wonderful women who have been there from the start, and ever since. Here's to many more years of propelling each other forward. *Pops champagne*

2. Issa Art Date! New Yorkers get ready for our first 2018 event: On Feb 3, we're taking an intimate tour of LaToya Ruby Frazier's photo exhibition at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, followed up by a conversation with the woman of the hour. Grab your tickets fast. (And don't forget, both members and tier 2 Class of 2018 students get first priority + 20% off all events, so join up now - your future self will thank you).

3. After taking a moment to reflect on the Women's March, now is the time to ask yourself how you plan to show up this year for your country, for all disenfranchised groups, and for yourself. Start with thisbeautiful poem by Cleo Wade.

4. Had a chat with the always fabulous Atelier DorĂ© on the power of investing in yourself, letting go of financial fear, and what my own personal version of "success" looks like.

5. Kimberly Drew, the Social Media Manager at The Met, is on a mission to change the that ways in which we access and interact with the art world. Thanks to *the internet*, there are more opportunities to connect with culture and history every single day...without even stepping foot in a museum. (Although if you do have the chance to catch the David Hockney exhibit before it closes on Feb 25, we would highly recommend it!)

6. Can we make our collective 2018 resolution to get rid of imposter syndrome? Repeat after me: "I deserve to be here."

7. Hard to believe it was 2 years ago at Making It Work: London that Dolly Alderton dropped all kinds of life and working wisdom on us (which you can listen to here). Just recently, she spoke to i-D for theirNotes On Being A Woman series and confirmed what most of us already know: that the best part of womanhood is "the tenderness, solidarity and strength, intimacy, fun and screeching, breathless, hysterical laughter that can be found in friendships with other women."



Over 25 emerging women artists explore the intersections of sexuality and art consumption at the Museum of Sex's exhibit NSFW: Female Gaze.


Dinner party meets virtual reality at Care Stranding, an experimental event hosted by art collective Keiken that will merge technology with contemporary artwork and performances (including one by our talented friend, Suzannah Pettigrew).


Stop by the Future Feminine exhibit at the Fahey Klein Gallery before February 24 for a group exhibition that co-opts the male-dominated photography industry and tells intimate stories through a female lens. 


 Just bought a  Jade Roller  to use with my serums. Not sure if it's working but it feels gooooood.

Just bought a Jade Roller to use with my serums. Not sure if it's working but it feels gooooood.

  NikeLab ACG  = ideal winter workout gear.

NikeLab ACG = ideal winter workout gear.

 Back in a 'chairs phase'.  This one looks even better IRL.

Back in a 'chairs phase'. This onelooks even better IRL.

 A non-hideous  shower curtain  is suprisingly hard to find. This one is cute, though.

A non-hideous shower curtain is suprisingly hard to find. This one is cute, though.

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