1. It's time to learn a new (dare we say, better?!) way to work: The WW Club Class of 2018 is officially in session. Enroll in our Q1 course now - theme: WORKING IT OUT - for three months of worksheets, creative homework prompts, online seminars, and exclusive events, all designed to help you launch or grow a creative, self-made career. The early bird special runs until tomorrow, so sign up ASAP.

2. As you probably know by now, I'm fascinated with the routines of other creative women. I shared my own morning schedule with Milk, and learnt a lot of tips and tricks from the other amazing women who are featured.

3. The trick to actually sticking to those New Year resolutions?Don't be afraid to pivot if your plans don't work out.

4. When it comes to finding tunnel vision focus, Refinery29's Global Editor-in-Chief, Christene Barberich swears the most important tool is open communication. When she's feeling overwhelmed, she asks herself: "Do I need support or do I need space?" Whatever the answer may be, the only way to get the help you need is to vocalise it.

5. Although only a few episodes in, culture critic Ira Madison III's new podcast Keep It is already becoming a fast favourite. Particularly satisfying: listening to him list actors who have worked with Woody Allen and are yet to utter a word about the #MeToo movement.

6. Just in case you needed another reason to jet off and get gold, no spray tans, here are some travel destinations you'll want to hit up in 2018, courtesy of The New York Times. Colombia, Nigeria, and India are all topping my list.



Take a closer look at the East Village creative space that shaped New York City's club scene from the 1970s to today, at the MoMA's Club 57: Film, Performance, And Art In The East Village.


Spend an evening at the Museum of London for Futureshocks: Human, part of a series exploring how technology is changing our identities, bodies, and interactions in urban environments.


Stop by the Ace Hotel for Ladies Get Paid, a town hall-style meeting for women to share their stories about making major career transitions, from asking for equal pay to switching careers post-maternity leave.


 These. Are. Excellent. Via Aussie brand  POMS.

These. Are. Excellent. Via Aussie brand POMS.

 Shout out  Dr Teal's Epsom Salt . We're gonna make it thru winter together.

Shout out Dr Teal's Epsom Salt. We're gonna make it thru winter together.

 I didn't realise I needed  Wu Wear until now. 

I didn't realise I needed Wu Wearuntil now. 

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