1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. After weeks of travel, this month is all about trying to get back to some semblance of routine for me. If you're in a similar space, I made an at-a-glance 'Week In One' planner that you can download for free right hereHope it helps!

2. I was truly inspired by The WW Club Art Date at Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern at the Brooklyn Museum last Thursday. From her timeless style to her boldness and grit, O'Keeffe truly epitomised the modern woman. I urge you to see the exhibition if you're in New York. This article also offers a great insight into her philosophy on life and work.

3. One aspect of the show that particularly resonated was O'Keeffe's conflicted relationship with New York, and her struggles to reconcile her appreciation for the city with its effects on her creativity (more on that in the link above). For anyone in a similar headspace who is contemplating 'another way', this survey of the 25 best US cities for job-seekers looking for a lil more balance might be helpful.

4. Shout out to my fellow over-thinkers! Oliver Burkeman offers a timely reminder of the reasons why worrying about future regret is a complete waste of your energy.

5. And just in case you really want to over-think your overthinking...! Inc. offers ten simple ways you can curb the habit. 

6. One thing that is worth thinking about, if you happen to fell prey on a regular basis: mindless eating. On Healthyish, one writer documents her experience of using the Headspace app to...contemplate clementines.

7. Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of eating a delicious dinner prepared by Alison E Roman (as organised by the fabulousSue Chan and hosted by Snowe in their serene new NY space) in the leadup to the launch of her forthcoming book. Here's Alison - an equally great writer as she is cook - on the gastronomic pleasures of Oaxaca.

8. Lest this newsletter become little more than a vessel for personal anxieties (!) I surveyed my officemates for recommendations of the sites they're loving right now. Madeline suggested Fonts In Usewhich is a pretty incredible recommendation I'm sure you'll agree.

9. Also via Madeline, and also amazing: Radiooooo, which allows you to discover music from any continent and any decade.Life-changing.

10. Back to business: this article via Goop (it's not all mushroom tea detoxes over there!) explains how to raise money for your startup. 

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