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1. Happy, happy Monday to you! Sorry for a slightly later-than-usual dispatch on this end. I was victim of some *technical difficulties* over the past few days - although certainly not on the scale of this weekend’s global events. Whilst our personal laptops are probably not going to get cyber-hacked anytime soon, it is important to protect your digital life where possible. Here’s how.

2. Relevant to this theme: I spent part of the weekend watching, and attempting to digest, Adam Curtis’ documentary Hypernormalisation, which was originally broadcast via the BBC but can be watched in full on YouTube. It’s a challenging, thought-provoking watch, but certainly not the faint of heart. Viewer discretion advised!

3. ‘She Seems Cool’, says The Cut of artist and baker Lexie Smith. I concur

4. Arrested Development devotees (I know you’re out there!) might enjoy this profile of Alia Shawkat, who is all grown up and now starring in/producing new 'noir sitcom', Search Party. It sounds excellent. So does Alia.

5.  In an age of ‘Uber for x’ and ‘Tinder for x’, it was only a matter of time until someone invented an app for likeminded mothers to connect online. That app is called Peanut, and it’s the brainchild of British entrepreneur Michelle Kennedy. Read all about it.

6. Here come the spring reading lists! I like the spectrum of graphic novels, non-fiction, and essays covered by this one, from The Fader.

7. Appalling weather in New York over the weekend meant that my Saturday featured a lot more Netflix than is usual. But it wasn’t all wasted time: A binge watch of The Mind of A Chef yielded an unexpectedly inspiring episode entitled Hustle, which explores chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s ongoing to attempt to survive and thrive in NYC. A timely reminder that you’re never too successful for a career impasse - or evolution.

8. We live in an age of storytelling, whether it’s via your business ‘About’ page or your Instagram feed. Here’s how to get it right.

9. Following on from the debacle that was Fyre Festival, Vanessa Friedman opines on the The Rise (and Maybe Fall) of Influencers.

10. Attn: Fellow Brits. Please use your voice and register to vote right here (deadline is May 22 in order to vote on June 8th).

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