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W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. My heart was broken by the attacks in my hometown of London over the weekend, but I'm left feeling more determined than ever to uphold the values of tolerance, community, and creativitythat I was lucky enough to grow up around. i-D's recent Creativity Issue was a brilliant celebration of those values, as well as a great insight into the London-based names and talents who are pushing it forward right now. Special shout out to the PDA crew and the fabulous Maybury sisters - listen to Reba speak at one our London events here.

2. Man Repeller spoke to three women about what they've learned about life, work, and love in 70+ years of life, and theresults are just so lovely.

3. I love this gorgeous overview of the Memphis Design Movement, which is currently having a cultural renaissance. A timely reminder to embrace frivolity, playfulness, and colour. 

4. As a recent aficionado of rxbar protein bars (the chocolate and sea salt one is particularly good), I was interested to read about how the company recently underwent a huge branding overhaul and experienced a huge business boost as a result. 

5. Congratulations to my fabulous friend Marawa the Amazing, whojust published a brilliant advice book for teen girlsThe Girl Guide offers '50 lessons on your changing body' in a vibrant and non-patronising package. Perfect for your younger siblings and cousins.

6. BTS at Apple Park, Apple's new Cupertino mothership, which features a 'Breathing Building' and a 100,000 sq ft Fitness & Wellness Center among many other mindboggling delights.

7. Two cool new photobooks from women photographers:Noises in the Blood by Lua Ribeira, which documents dancehall rituals among British Jamaican women in Birmingham, and The Last Days of Summer by Akila Berjaoui, which captures beach life in all its saturated, sultry glory.

8. Breatherthe business that offers all the dreamy spaces where I host our Work Party sessions, has a cool blog which includes a couple of write-ups from me and other enthusiastic users of their services. Check it.

9. Thoughts on the rise of the 'gig' economy, and what it means for the future of freelancingvia Inc.

10. Another Magazine has some suggestions for brilliant things to do in the month of June. Let's make it a good one, shall we?

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