1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. It’s a big week! On Wednesday we’re marking International Women’s Day with the return of WORK PARTY in a really gorgeous Breatherspace in downtown New York. If you haven’t yet picked up your ticket, please do! Newsletter subscribers (aka you!) get 15% off with the discount code ‘MONDAYSAREFINE’

2. If you’re still not entirely sure what a WORK PARTY actually *is* you canread a breakdown of our new ‘n’ improved format over here. In addition to a guided co-work session (and plenty of free snacks!) we’ve added a live Q&A with guest speaker Sarah Law aka founder of KARA, who I also interviewed as past of the Summer School series last year. If you’re not familiar with Sarah’s line of chic, minimal handbags and backpacks, you should probably get familiar (heads up: subscribe to her newsletter for 10% off your first order).

3. In case you missed it, last week also saw the return of Group Hang - aka the mentor sessions we livestream on our Facebook page - with The Nue Co.’s founder, Jules Miller. Watch back the full Q&A over here.

4. And if all that wasn’t enough for ya, there’s a fresh episode of the Make it Work podcast up, too - this time with FRAME’s co-founder Pip Black. Listen to hear Pip drop gems on the UK’s burgeoning fitness industry, the art of successful business partnerships, and much more!

5. Elsewhere on the internet, VOGUE is celebrating its 125th Anniversary with the American Women Project: a selection of photographs - and accompanying reports - that capture modern American women from coast to coast. It’s breathtaking. 

6. Determined to have your *most productive week ever*?! Harvard Business Review. has some ideas on how to get more done, right now. As in, now now. 

7. But, you know, make sure the stuff you’re getting done is actually the stuff worth doing. Inc. offers advice on how to prioritise the strategic rather than just dealing with the urgent. The Monday morning tip is one I might have to adopt. 

8. And if you need some inspiration before you crack on with all that work… The New Yorker’s profile of director extraordinaire Melina Matsoukas - aka the woman behind Beyonce’s Formation, countless other fabulous music videos, and HBO’s hilarious Inscecure - is a good place to start. 

9. For your next Netflix n’ chill session: Be sure to check out this episode of new series Abstract: The Art of Design which charts the rise of interior designer, Ilse Crawford (thanks to The WW Club memberPortia Barnett-Herrin for the rec!)

10. Easy listening to start your week off right: the sublime Fin from the equally sublime Syd. 

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