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W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. Happy Monday. Let’s kickstart the new week with a new podcast, shall we? This one is with The Nue Co.'s founder Jules Miller, who I also interviewed live on our Facebook pageIn the podcast interview, she shares even more insights into how she got her business off the ground. Jules is a true hustler - I defy you to not feel motivated by her!

2. ‘No regrets’ and all that, but sometimes you do kinda wish you’d done things a little differently…99u asked some leading design figures to share their own hard-earnt career lessonsLearn from their mistakes.

3. As well as keeping you well-fed and well-nourished, our pals at DIMES want you to stay #warmandinformed with this cool sweatshirt featuring friendly reminders of the phone numbers for the House and Senate. Get yours at DIMES Market

4. Never not interested in new ways about thinking about our relationships with our phones. (Sigh). As usual, The Book of Life offers a fresh and helpful perspective

5. A thought-provoking (and very well-written) profile on the writer Ariel Levy and the relationship between fertility and feminism by Hadley Freeman. 

6. Londoners! My talented friend Suz Pettigrew is showing a video installation and live performance titled ‘the difference between (a mirage and realness)’, as part of Touch Sensitive; a series of individual art events exploring representations of "female" bodies, curated by Cairo Clarke at Guest Projects. It’s this Thursday and you should definitely check it out.

7. New York got hit by a faux-blizzard on Tuesday and like most of the city I worked from home and half-watched a load of Netflix. I was so inspired by this episode of Chef’s Table focusing on the Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan, who cooks world-class ‘temple food’ from her stunning garden in rural South Korea. A lesson in true mindfulness and the art of applying your spirituality to your craft.

8. I also watched the Minimalism documentary which I didn’t love quite so much but did get me thinking about what how we can apply the same principles of simplicity and thoughtfulness to our careersHere’s more on that from Forbes.

9. Actually, that’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Case in point: this blog post onhow to take a minimalist approach to creativity, which I wrote back in 2015. 

10. And for my next read… Do What You Love: And Other Lies About Success and Happiness,which explores the insidious dangers of ‘following your passion’.

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