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W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. Group Chat (aka our livestreamed mentor sessions) is back! I’ll be interviewing Jules Miller, founder of newly-launched supplement line The Nue Co. at The WW Club HQ next Wednesday February 28 at 10.30am EST. Lock in! 

2. Philanthrophist powerhouse Melinda Gates speaks on the work her(and husband Bill’s) Foundation are doing for women and girls. The emphasis on data is particularly insightful: “What we don’t measure, we don’t work on.” Indeed.

3. The fastest way to close the gender gap? Let workers (i.e. working mothers) control their own schedules.  

4. Innovation inspiration! Fast Company lists the companies who are doing it bigger, doing it better, and doing it differently to everyone else.

5. Also good from Fast Company: the story of how a 27-year-old former Vogue staffer created the first fashion search engine. Bravo.

6. Because men give good career advice, too… (!) Some words of working wisdom from Complex Media’s big bawse Noah Callahan-Bever, via The Coveteur

7. It’s still hibernation season, and so this article from The Book Lifeon homes as the embodiment of our ‘spiritual values and merits’ feels particularly topical. 

8. Two months into the year and still feeling a bit meh? Inc. offers us14 questions you should ask yourself if you want to find ~your passion~ (usually a problematic aspiration, I think, but this article is pretty helpful.) 

9. For anyone following my New York correspondence for Courier; I just uploaded a couple of recent columns to my personal website. 

10. If you only click one link on this list make it this article titled ‘Maybe You Should Just Be Single’. It’s a must-read. I’ll leave it at that. 


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