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W O R K I N G  W E E K 

1. The WW Club podcast is back! If you missed my conversation withJasmine and Melissa Hemsley in Londonhere’s a full audio recording featuring lots of talk on wellness, nutrition, caffeine, the importance of sleep, and more. Enjoy!

2. In related news, this article from Harvard Business Review has someuseful insights and tips on effective recharging. Spoiler alert: Closing your laptop won’t cut it. 

3. And if the idea of stopping feels totally alien to you, you’re probably a ‘mover’ like Sarah Wilson. Here’s the Australian writer on what that means for her, and here’s the best advice (and antidote) she ever received on how to put those impulsive tendencies to good professional use.

4. Speaking of keeping it moving… If (like me) you’re currently in the process of navigating NYC’s horrific rental market - or might be doing so in the near future - these tips on renting an apartment from Refinery29 will be a godsend. 

5. Also useful - and an interesting business concept whether you’re moving or notFlip, which helps renters sublet or get out of their leases entirely.

6. Listened to all our archived podcasts and still thirsty for more? The Violet Sessions are a new, very enjoyable personal discovery. Don’t miss the episode with Penny Martin! 

7. Have you seen that Naomie Harris NY Mag cover?! Take a look, and then read the profile behind it. Love a story on a London girl from a council estate done good :)

8. If you’re new to working from home - or just struggling with the whole thing - The Guardian has rounded up some apps that will help you keep your mind and time on track.

9. And if you haven’t yet made the jump to freelancing - but kinda want to - The Cut’s brilliant ‘Money Mom’ column has some advice for you. (When you’re finished reading that, definitely give the archives a scan as well.)

10. Last but not least, I had the opportunity to interview the inimitable Cindy Gallop this week and she was as fierce and fabulous as I might have hoped. Watch her keynote speech from last year’s Three Percent Conference and you’ll see why.

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