Petra Collins  on a Monday.

Petra Collins on a Monday.


1. Pia Arrobio, Karla Deras, and Kilo Kish were some of the lovely guests at my LA book launch dinner, and they were all kind enough to share the best career advice they've ever been given with me - or rather, Teen Vogue.

2. I am literally eleven years late to the party, but Design Matters by Debbie Millman is my latest and most obsessive podcast addiction. The upside of discovering it so late in the day? Years of amazing archived interviews with world-renowned designers, thinkers, writers, and general creative masterminds.

3. As promised! Some cute snaps from my Mexico City book launch with Tuza the week before last at the super-stylish Hotel Habita. Listen back to the conversation here if you haven't already. 

4. I'm definitely not the world's best sleeper (Can't. Stop. The. Psychological. Hamster Wheel.) Here are some chic tips from Another Mag on how to get the best night's sleep of your life. 

5. How I Get It Done from The Cut is one of my favourite online features - I always learn something from the fascinating women they profile, but I particularly loved this week's edition with  environmentalist Dame Jane Goodall. 83 years old and still working for the good of the planet 300 days a year?! What a woman. 

6. A fabulous Q&A with Andre 3000because why not?

7. Last but not least...if you've bought and enjoyed The Working Woman's Handbook, I'd hugely appreciate if you could leave a review on Amazon. Thank you so much in advance! :)



Instagram alert! Yayoi Kusama 'Festival of Life' is now open at David Zwirner.


The incredible photography fair Paris Photo returns to its home city this weekend (I always used to go to the LA edition). Don't miss it!


Photographer Petra Collins will be talking about her new book in conversation with writer Miranda July at Artbook at Hauser & Wirth on Wednesday.


 It's my birthday on Saturday so I've been compiling a fantasy gift list. This initial ring is on it.  (In a 'P', obv).

It's my birthday on Saturday so I've been compiling a fantasy gift list.This initial ring is on it. (In a 'P', obv).

 ...and this timeless  Gucci tote. ..

...and this timeless Gucci tote...

 ...also  this absurdly expensive serum that the Internet says I need, so I must.

...also this absurdly expensive serumthat the Internet says I need, so I must.

 ...and a  lovely chair , cos I've reached that point in life now.

...and a lovely chair, cos I've reached that point in life now.

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