H A P P Y  M O N D A Y !

We're taking a DIGITAL DETOX  - click here to download our full digital detox guide and worksheet pack - and will resume business as usual next Monday.

In the meantime, here's a selection of our favourite links from newsletters gone by.

See you on the Internet again very soon!


1. Here's an interesting article series on building bulletproof brands from retail analysis site, Loose Threads. The section on networks - which uses Supreme, Glossier, and Peloton as case studies - is particularly fascinating.

2. My appetite for reading about other people's work and life routines is apparently insatiable. I'm currently devouring everything on Extraordinary Routines, especially the pieces on Ann Friedman (she's in the book!) and NY-based writer, Ashley Ford. Fellow lifestyle voyeurs (is that all of us, now?!) - enjoy!

3. Milk Makeup just launched a new editorial platform - called VIBES, appropriately enough - and I'm honoured to be the first subject of its Book Club. Read the full interview over here.

4. In my most recent column for British business magazine Courier, I explored The Rise of the Influencer, aka "the most powerful figure in modern marketing" (to quote, erm, myself). Have a read.

5. I always enjoy the Longform podcast and I especially enjoyed last week’s episode with GQ staff writer Caity Weaver, who explains how she went from attending one of the worst schools in Pennsylvania to being the only woman Elon Musk follows on Twitter. She’s also hilarious.

6. Make sure the stuff you’re getting done is actually the stuff worth doing. Inc. offers advice on how to prioritise the strategic rather than just dealing with the urgent. The Monday morning tip is one I might have to adopt.

7. If you're interested in how/why I wrote The Working Woman's Handbook in the first place - I broke it down in a piece for i-D. Read it here.

8. Innovation inspiration! Fast Company lists the companies who are doing it bigger, doing it better, and doing it differently to everyone else.

9. If you haven’t yet made the jump to freelancing - but kinda want to - The Cut’s brilliant ‘Money Mom’ column has some advice for you. (When you’re finished reading that, definitely give the archives a scan as well.)

10. If you only click one link on this list make it this article titled ‘Maybe You Should Just Be Single’. It’s a must-read. I’ll leave it at that.

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