1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
W O R K I N G  W E E K

1. If you’re not following the incredible work that Teen Vogue is doing to inspire, educate and inform young women, you might want to. As a huge admirer of the magazine (and its whipsmart EIC Elaine Welteroth), it was an honour to be featured by TV last week.Read all about it.

2. ...and if you like what you read, a heads up that membership is still open over here. The WW Club now has card-carrying members in London, New York, LA, Mexico City, Seoul, Paris, Toronto, Rotterdam, Montreal, San Francisco, and beyond. WILD!

3. In other news, I’m riding high from a great weekend spent hosting a series of events focused on making it work in 2017 with Topshop. The audio recordings of myself in conversation withHemsley + Hemsley and FRAME Co-founder Pip Black will be up soon - in the meantime, here’s a Q&A I did for the Topshop Blog.

4. Times are hard. Times are terrifying. Self-care needs to be a little bit more thoughtful than a really expensive face mask. I loved Jenna Wortham’s story in Bon Appetit on figuring out the necessary components for maintaining her own wellness.

5. More on this theme, if you’re struggling to formulate your own self-care survival plan. TED rounds up nine talks on staying emotionally and physically healthy.

6. I love the startup success story behind Clue which is not only a) a super-helpful period tracking app that doesn’t patronise you with pink flower motifs but is b) founded by Ida Tinn, a woman who used to run motorcycle tours in Cuba and Mongolia. Sick. 

7. Thanks to The WW Club member Olivia Aylmer for sending menews of Call Them In: a new email subscription service, which launched on Inauguration Day and “aims to encourage citizens to call their senators and effect real change on progressive issues”. 

8. Speaking of taking action in any and every which way you can: my friend Brittany Asch - the supremely talented florist behind Brrch Floral - will be donating proceeds from her ‘Reserve A Flower’ Valentine’s Day concept to Planned ParenthoodFollow her on Instagram for further info (and endless floral inspo)

9. This was thought-provoking and brave: “I’m a feminist but my subconscious is still sexist.” Props to writer Haley Nahman for sharing an internal battle with which I’m sure many of us can relate.

10. Apropos of nothing except dope creative women doing cool shit: I’ve been a fan of Atlanta-based singer songwriter ABRA for a while (this song stays on heavy rotation) and I also love her self-directed video for Pull Up, released at the end of last year.

Keep making stuff.

(And donate to the ACLU).

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