1 0  L I N K S  F O R  A  S T R O N G
W O R K I N G  W E E K

1. It's our two year birthday on Saturday! Time flies when you're having fun with amazing women. In case you only just joined the party - check out these photos of our first-ever meeting: a pop-up cowork and event space in downtown L.A. which I opened in January 2015 and the incredible crowd who filled it. #Memories.

2. This year, we're marking the occasion in London with three days of events at TOPSHOP Oxford Circus. I'm hosting a conversation with FRAME co-founder Pip Black, a goal-setting session (already sold out, sorry!) and two talks with the fabulous Hemsley + Hemsley sisters. Come and celebrate with us.

3. And if you're not in London...Join the party by becoming an official member of The WW Club. Yep, membership is open again! (Call it a birthday special). Come and join us!

4. How's that digital detox working out for ya? Not so well? Yep, I relate. Get reinspired with this Vogue article, in which three power bosses share their own tips for disconnecting.

5. Eight successful women - including Ava Du Vernay, Meryl Streep, Tavi - share lessons for life and work. Sample quote from Ava: "I always say: work without permission. So many of us work from a permission-based place, waiting for someone to say it’s OK. So often I hear people asking, “How do I get started?” You just start. It won’t be perfect. It’ll be messy and it’ll be hard, but you’re on your way."Worth a read.

6. Lastminutedotcom newsflash - tomorrow I'll be speaking about Idea Validation for FutureGirlCorp, which is helmed by my old friend (and WAH London founder) Sharmadean Reid. Come by!

7. Big thanks to one of my favourite publications Another for including The WW Club in this piece on the 'women's networks leading the way'

8. Another great Vogue piece - the fabulous Chioma Nnadi writes about what it feels like to be Black and British in Trump's America. 

9. I'm such a big fan of Cindy Gallop - a fellow Brit in NY, and an inspiring businesswoman to boot. Here, she offers here advice on how to get a raise no matter what. You should probably follow her on Twitter, too (if her biog alone doesn't convince you...)

10. Least but, of course, so very far from least: The Women's March. Still processing, still staring at photos from around the world, still crying a little bit if I'm honest. Last Friday was an unspeakably grim day, but I feel more powerful and hopeful than ever before. I hope you do, too. (And if you don't, you should. We've got this.)

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