If you're not already subscribed to The WW Club Summer School series - well, why not?! All summer I'll be asking remarkable women to drop knowledge in the form of weekly podcast lessons that you can listen to anywhere (the beach, the car, en route to work etc...) Every week, subscribers will get a link to the audio recording straight to your inbox, as well as an Summer Curriculum of things to read, see, and do, courtesy of our interviewee.

We kickstarted the series with Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life who was talking about How To Turn Your Love of Travel into the Work, and followed up with Glossier's Annie Kreighbaum, who tells us How To Find Your Brand Voice. Listen to the recording below to hear Annie's gems of advice on everything from writing copy to group moodboarding. 

Tomorrow's episode features Sarah Law, founder and designer of 'anti-It Girl' bag brand KARA, who'll be talking about How To Do Your Own Thing.

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