Here comes summer! 

There are so many things to love about this time of year - the bright morning light, long, sultry nights, and no reason to make excuses for drinking rose on all occasions - but trying to look smart and pulled together in the heat is not one of them. Whether you're trying to impress a client or just keep it professional in the office, here are five pieces to see you through the season.


TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Double Layered Crepe Slip Dress

Long enough to be office-friendly, and the colour is so pretty.

& OTHER STORIES Sleeveless Waistcoat Blouse

Pair with 501's and mules or tailored trousers and slides. Bam. There's your look.

NOMIA Cross Back Dress

Business up front; party time from the back. Wear under a light blazer or shirt if the crossback is too much for work.

ASOS Slinky Culottes

I'll never not love anything with the word 'slinky' in the product name. I have these in black; they're both very flattering and very comfortable (and very cheap!)

Zara Denim Jumpsuit

Wear over a blue shirt as shown during the week; whip that shirt off come cocktail hour. #multitasking