New month, new mood! Here's the vibe for JUNE (woahhowdidthathappen?!)

Clockwise from top left.

Just got a Citibike membership and it's kinda changing my life. Unfortunately I'm not quite as chic as Audrey here, but maybe one day... / Ellsworth Kelly paintings soothe the eye and soul'Tis officially the season of all-white everything (although to be honest that's pretty much my look all-year round) / Can't wait to read Emma Cline's The Girls - a new novel that reimagines the summer leading up to the infamous Charles Manson murders 'in senĀ­tences at times so finely wrought they could almost be worn as jewelry.' /  Have officially decided to start wearing bandanas again. 'Pac is obviously the ultimate style inspo / From now on, all my drinks shall be pink. 

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