After my recent post on juggling multiple projects, I thought it might be useful to make another worksheet that will hopefully help you to figure out where your time is actually going - and how you can claim some back. 

This worksheet is fairly self-explanatory, but basically you should...

Use the top section to list out every single thing you spend time on in a given week, including scrolling your IG feed, doing your makeup, working on your website, holding down your 9-5, exercising, Netflixing etc. Writing it all out should help you to get an overview of where your precious hours are actually going.

Use the middle section to review how you might be able to expand, reduce, streamline, or cut certain tasks entirely. Perhaps you want to spend more time meditating and less time on Instagram, while paring back your daily beauty routine and getting rid of your commute altogether by working from home? OK, so that's a highly idealistic set of wishes - but you get the drift.

Use the bottom section to identify the five things that you really want to commit to focusing on in your life. Maybe that's writing your book, making more money, upping your yoga practice, seeing your family, and committing to healthy eating (as an example) but these five things should make up the bulk of your day-to-day.

That's it. Hope it helps and please let me know how you get on in the Comments section!