Full disclosure (have I ever offered anything less?!) - I've been freaking out quite a lot recently. A combination of juggling multiple projects, money worries, an intense travel schedule and poor sleep has (unsurprisingly) resulted in a much-higher-than-usual number of moments of heart-pounding anxiety. Gotta love 'em.

Usually I'm pretty good at maintaining balance in my life but sometimes balance goes out the window, and Spring 2016 has transpired to be one of those times. Because I basically always write about the stuff that's going through my head at any given time, I thought I'd write out a list of things I do to calm down when I'm feeling very much the opposite of calm. Please share your own coping methods in the comments box below. No, seriously. I need 'em :)

Breathe. Amazing how easy it is to forget to.

Call my Mum. Sorry Mum. Thanks Mum.

Look at some stupid shit on the Internet. Memes are a good way of keeping it all in perspective.

Write It Out. 750 Words is a highly cathartic daily practice, but even scribbling some stuff in a notebook will do.

Yoga. Thanks to my friend Scarlett for reminding me that I'm a much calmer person when I do yoga. I haven't been able to practice as much recently because of all the travelling and it's incredible how much my stress levels have been directly impacted – for the worse.

Drink tea. At times when I'm tempted to pound back yet another Americano to provide the 'energy' I need to deal with my day, I try to remember that tea is really what I need. Soothing, warming, ritualistic - and much less likely to cause a caffeine-induced eye twitch.

Wash My Hair. I try to pull off that one-shampoo-a-week thing as often as the next diligent beauty blog reader, but there's something about dirty hair that makes me feel that little more stressed out. Can't explain it, but I know it to be true. Clean, shiny hair is a good fix for a bad mood, wouldn't you agree?

Sniff Some Lavender Oil. It's a cliche cuz it's true.

Sleep. Sometimes going to bed is the only cure.

Get My Nails Done. I hate, hate, hate having raggedy nails. A manicure is a quick way to both zone out and feel pulled together again.

Sort My Stuff Out. Reorganising my immediate surroundings - whether that means my desk, my handbag, or even my laptop desktop - has an immediately soothing effect. When I'm travelling, I try to unpack properly wherever possible because living out of a suitcase makes my brain feel like a jumbled mess.

Laugh at myself. When I'm 'so stressed' I try to zoom out and see myself running around like a headless chicken, and then simply laugh at my self-importance and general hysteria. Usually helps.

Have a Glass of Wine. Healthy? Maybe not. Effective? Most def.

Put Down My Phone. The endless scroll and email refresh tends just to make things worse. Pocketing my iPhone and refocusing on the real world around me usually has an instantly calming effect.

Go To An Exercise Class. Enforced phone-free time. (See: above.)

Make a list. Any type of list will do. (See: this list.)



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