Last month, I shared my personal #moodboard for February - a collection of things I'm thinking about/working on/channelling right now - and it went down pretty well, so I thought I'd do it again for March... New month, new mood!

Clockwise from Top Left

It's a Spring bloom ting! Well almost... / Pisces Season is here. Plunge me into a pool of glittering water, pls / Pastel-perfect printed matter, straight out of Taipei / Ring fingers up to the system: Single Women are the most Powerful Voters in America, don't ya know? / Beth Lesser's photos of Jamaica in the '80s are everything / TheWW.Club is coming soon, what you know 'bout that?! / Queen Sade. Say No More / INSTINCTIVE COOPERATION is what it's all about. Frank Lloyd Wright gets it / My Spring/Summer look, courtesy of 1205 / Tube Map of London - see you soon, babe / La Tour Eiffel. Be seeing you soon, too!

Phoebe x