Last week The WW Club turned up (in both senses of the expression) for a 21st century update of the traditional French salon in Paris. At a beautiful event co-hosted with Chá Iracema - see all the pics here - we sat down to discuss Parisian working culture in 2016.

Thank you to our all-star Parisienne panel for sharing their time and insights. Listen on to hear Jeanne Garaude (Founder Of Chá Iracema), Sofia Nebiolo (Creative Consultant), Florence Tétier (Creative Director, Editor-in-chief & Co-founder Of Novembre Magazine), and Lou Menais (Co-founder Of Jour/né) discuss...


- Why startup culture has taken a little bit longer to reach Paris - and how it's slowly taking root.

- The 'golden handcuffs' of France's lifelong employment system.

- Why the cultural hierarchy still has the power to make or break a business.

- Why the culture of 'c'est comme ça' can be debilitating for Paris culture.

- Why Paris feels like it's a state of shift - for better and for worse.