The subject of morning routines has been cropping up a lot lately. I spoke about them with Sky Ting co-founders Chloe and Krissy at our Women's Day Ting event (listen back to the full conversation here) and I was also asked to share my personal AM beauty routine with Teen Vogue. The other day I also stumbled across the site which shares the daily rituals of hundreds of professionals worldwide.

As an affirmed morning person, I've long been a believer in establishing a maintaining a few key practices to get the day off to a positive start. In fact, I dedicated a section of The Handbook for Women Who Do Creative Work to this very subject. Unfortunately the print book is now entirely sold out (although you can nab a copy from the cabinet at Sky Ting Yoga if you're quick!) but I have released the e-Book version at long last. In celebration of The Handbook finally going digital, I thought I'd share a brief excerpt offering some ideas on how to build your own (as well as some notes on my own routine, below).


Whether I'm at home, abroad, hungover or full of beans, I (very nearly) always do the following things at the very start of the day.

1. Scrape my tongue using a tongue scraper and brush my teeth.

This is an Ayurvedic practice I read about ages ago that is supposed to promote good oral health and prevent you from ingesting all the bacteria that has built up in your mouth overnight when you take your first sip of water (or coffee!) Sounds gross, if you think about it the alternative is actually far more so.

2. Drink at least two glasses of warm water with lemon juice.

I am one of the annoying people who really does this. And I have done for so long that I can no longer imagine drinking anything else first thing. (Sorry that sounds so smug... Just true facts!)

3. Play Music

I have to have some music on the speakers to keep me moving in the morning. I tend to keep it mellow first thing with a Soulection show or some old soul or jazz. 

3. Clean my face.

I know some people say that you shouldn't use water on your face in the morning (something about disrupting the oils?) but I have to do at least a swipe of micellar water before I can contemplate adding moisturiser into the mix. I try not to wash my face in the shower because apparently the PH levels aren't right. Or something.

4. Do a little bit of exercise.

This might literally just be 100 squats and a quick stretch or a 15 minute walk (especially if I plan to exercise later in the day) but I have to do something to get the blood flowing in the morning. Often that will be a YouTube yoga or pilates workout; sometimes it's a jog; on energetic days it might even be a full-blown spinning or hot yoga class. 

5. Eat Breakfast.

Always, always. If I have time, I'll make a green smoothie with spinach, almond milk, maca, pear, and avocado. If I'm in a rush, I'll just have a couple of boiled eggs or a handful of nuts and some fruit. (More quick breakfast ideas over here).

I also: Lie in bed for a few minutes thinking, check my email, scroll Instagram, panic about all the stuff I need to do that day, apply makeup, and attempt to make my hair look halfway respectable. I tend to wait till I get to my office to make a to-do list, though: Generally, I just want to get up and out of the house so I can make the use of my morning momentum.

What does your morning routine comprise of? Let me know in the comments section below!