Make the most of a whole extra calendar day with one of these ideas for switching up your work/creative process/life. Read previous editions of 'Why Don't You...' here and here.

Get inspired for the new month ahead by making a digital moodboard for March? (Check mine from February for some inspo, and hold tight for the March mood edition that I'll be uploading soon.)

Get your crew together and take an out-of-town Field Trip? New Yorkers can try Dia:Beacon; Londoners might want to investigate the Turner Contemporary in Margate; Los Angelenos should consider the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena.

Spring-clean your creative career. Yes, I know it's not Spring yet. But it's almost Spring. That has to count for something.

But before Spring gets here...Make use of the tailend of hibernation season to finish a novel, or five. There are some great recommendations over at fabulous new site Girls at Library.

Give coffee a break for a few days, just to see how you feel. More on this over here.

Reorganise your desk (and then send me a photo and some notes for #DesktopDownload!)

Write your own creative manifesto; a set of principles to live and work by. I love architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Fellowship Assets, as taught to his students at Taliesin. Save yours in your favourite typeface and print it to hang above your desk.

Teach yourself something new using a site like Skillshare (beloved by The WW Club reader, Zenobia Morrow) or good ol' fashioned YouTube.

Send a thank you note to someone who has helped you at some point in your career. Handwritten correspondence never, ever goes unappreciated!