If you related to my previous post on trying to cut back on coffee, but don't how to fill that Venti-sized hole in your morning, read on...

1. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate gives the buzz of coffee without the nasty afternoon crash, and is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Paris-based mate brand (and friend of The WW Club) Cha Iracema is a particularly beautiful place to start.

2. Hot Maca 

Maca is a Peruvian root that I've raved about in the past; it's really good for boosting your energy and balancing your hormones. Its malty, slightly sweet taste also works well to mimic the full-bodied 'mouthfeel' of coffee.

How To: Almond milk + maca (1-2 teapsoons) + raw honey or stevia + cinnamon. Warm up and whisk together on the stove.

3. Matcha Green tea latte.

A recommendation from reader Emma on my post about trying to kick my weekday coffee habit, and one I endorse/co-sign. Matcha takes a little bit of getting used to, but it becomes strangely delicious once you do.

How To: Matcha tea powder + coconut or almond milk + raw honey or stevia. Whisk one or two teaspoons of the powder with hot water, then gradually add your hot milk and sweetener. Continue to whisk until any lumps have disappeared.

4. SuperFood Hot Chocolate

Much more nourishing than the usual sugar and dairy-loaded version, and honestly just as delicious.

How To: Almond milk + raw cacao + raw honey or stevia + maca (optional) + cinammon. Warm up and whisk together on the stove.

5. Organic Chicory

Ground chicory is often cited as a great coffee replacement on account of its rich taste and dark colour. As a coffee-lover, I wouldn't say chicory comes close to mimicking the real thing, but there's definitely some psychological benefit to make yourself a cup of this stuff in the way you would an instant coffee.

How To: Just add boiling water to a tablespoon of chicory, plus milk and/or sweeteners to taste.

Brits can pick this up easily at Holland & Barrett. US residents might have to scour Amazon and be ready to pay slightly inflated prices.